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Your front door should create a beautiful lasting impression; it’s a focal point that sets the tone for your home’s look. Your front door adds character and charm and is what makes people stop and admire your home.

There is more than one reason to replace an entry door. Aside from aesthetics, a front door should be energy efficient, provide security and peace of mind, and overall be a wise home investment decision. When considering a replacement door, build your ideal door around your priorities and weigh your options.

Basic door facts

fiberglass-doorsFiberglass doors nearly mirror the look of wood doors, but are more durable, do not warp or shrink, resist dents and scratches and require little maintenance. Due to their solid construction, fiberglass doors are more insulated and secure than wood doors. Fiberglass doors can be customized with a wood grain finish or be painted.


Steel doors are the strongest and most durable doors on the market. Like fiberglass, steel doors will not crack or warp and generally, require little maintenance. Steel doors can rust if not primed or painted. Steel doors are known for their high energy efficiency. Steel doors are available in many styles, multiple finishes and stains, in smooth and wood grain textures, and choices in glass. Steel doors are particularly effective in their security features.


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Wood doors are the most classic of all entry doors. Wood doors can be stained to showcase their natural beauty and customized to fit most openings. Wood doors are strong, but are not as energy efficient as fiberglass or steel doors and require more maintenance. Wood doors can fade, peel or bubble and moisture is wood’s enemy, but with proper care and attention, a wood door can last for decades.

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