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About Us

Windows Plus offers you window, door, and siding solutions to improve and add value to your living space and help you live happier in your home. Owners Reg Wayland and Tom Camarca bring decades of field experience and skills to the forefront and will help you make well-informed decisions for these major changes. Trust Windows Plus for its commitment to outstanding products and proven customer success. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to improve your living space with exceptional and well-crafted products while maintaining the integrity of your home. Our focus is to ensure performance that lasts with your new windows, doors, and siding. Our goal is to develop long-lasting and trusting relationships to ensure your greatest satisfaction with your home and community. 

Highest Standards

Replacing windows, doors, or siding is a big decision and a major undertaking for homeowners. The Windows Plus team is mindful that the details with home improvement projects can be overwhelming. Rest assured, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Company founders and staff are highly skilled and well-trained professionals with a keen eye to detail. On every project, the company strives to provide you with the fundamental tools and resources to make informed decisions with your home improvements.

Creative Solutions

Every home improvement project is unique and presents its own expectations and challenges, but this is where the company’s experience shines. Reg, Tom and their staff bring together a myriad of technical skills, knowledge, and resources. In any residential or commercial setting, they are prepared to address the complexities of home improvement projects. Their skills apply equally in a modern or historical home, a condominium building, or in a multi-family dwelling.

Corporate Responsibility

Over the years, Windows Plus has stayed true when it comes to maintaining quality, integrity, and trust. The company is fiscally responsible, transparent in its business operations, and takes care of its employees, vendors, and customers much like family. It’s the right thing to do. As the company moves forward, these practices will always remain the same.


Interested in products that aid in conservation and sustainability? The company shares your enthusiasm and works with a number of manufacturers that offer eco-friendly products. The staff at Windows Plus can guide you through options to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining desired quality standards.

Tell us about your project today.

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