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“Don’t Cut Corners”

A common question we hear from customers is, “How long will it take to install my windows”?  What you cannot afford to cut in a window installation project are corners, that is, do not let your contractor take shortcuts just to get the job done quicker. Rushing through this sort of project breeds costly mistakes. In […]

Seniors: Take Caution

We have heard about this in the news, but you have to ask yourself, who would want to hurt a senior citizen? The answer is lots of people apparently, including the neighborhood contractor. Hurting seniors has come in various forms – from physical abuse to verbal abuse or to taking advantage of their finances. We […]

Dam That Ice

Ahhhh, that dreaded moment when you realize that the ice that built up in your gutters is what is causing water to enter into your home. This is called “Ice Damming.” Ice gathers in the gutters and the gutters act as a dam for the water build-up. As the snow melts, moisture builds and water […]

Community Involvement

What do you think about a home improvement company that works with police to make our communities safer? Well, that’s exactly the case with Windows Plus & Allied The Window Center. Owners Reg and Tom have developed a special relationship with crime prevention departments. For nearly two decades, Reg and Tom have collaborated with local […]

What is Condensation?

Condensation. The process by which a gas or vapor changes to a liquid. The American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition, 1993. You may recall this definition from chemistry class, but now that term takes on a whole new meaning for you in your home. At Windows Plus & Allied The Window Center, we get phone […]


Windows Plus & Allied The Window Center provides exceptional service when installing one of the most used parts of your house…your front door. Patio doors are available in designs from French doors to traditional models and are engineered to operate smoothly for many years without maintenance. Storm doors provide superb protection against the harsh elements while […]

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