“Job-Side Manners”

Windows Plus wants to remove your fears of making changes in your home. We realize that the decisions to replace windows, doors, siding or roofs can be daunting. But, our “job-side manners” will make a world of difference for you when the time comes for you to make home improvements!  We recognize that the relationship […]


Learning how to be defensive serves many purposes in life, and no place better than in your home. Burglars have many agendas, but they cannot play if they have no way. Statistically, people are careless with home defense. Price shopping may drive a homeowner to purchase flimsy, cheap hardware for windows and doors. Carelessness may […]

Home Repair Scams

Following is a summary of some information we received from the Crime Prevention Office in Fairfax County. It is very important information for all residents. The Department notes that all homeowners should be aware of home repair scams in our area. There is an uptake in these cases recently. Remember, solicitors need a license; homeowners […]

Who’s Your Improvement Company?

Windows Plus & Allied The Window Center is not just another home improvement company in your neighborhood. Yes, we are in your community, yes, we are a family-owned business for many decades, and yes, we will provide you with excellent windows, doors, siding, roofs and technical services. But, most importantly, Windows Plus & Allied will provide […]

Washington Post, Monday, May 10, 2010

Read about Windows Plus in today’s Washington Post Business Section, article contributed by Thomas Heath.ÊIt will leave you feeling good about two local skilled tradesmen who developed their business based onÊhonesty and integrity and who carry on their traditions today.ÊÊ Windows Plus, or rather the ownersÊTom and Reg,Êhave some unusual focuses, niches, if you will, […]

“Don’t Cut Corners”

A common question we hear from customers is, “How long will it take to install my windows”?  What you cannot afford to cut in a window installation project are corners, that is, do not let your contractor take shortcuts just to get the job done quicker. Rushing through this sort of project breeds costly mistakes. In […]

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