Learning how to be defensive serves many purposes in life, and no place better than in your home. Burglars have many agendas, but they cannot play if they have no way. Statistically, people are careless with home defense. Price shopping may drive a homeowner to purchase flimsy, cheap hardware for windows and doors. Carelessness may […]

Who’s Your Improvement Company?

Windows Plus & Allied The Window Center is not just another home improvement company in your neighborhood. Yes, we are in your community, yes, we are a family-owned business for many decades, and yes, we will provide you with excellent windows, doors, siding, roofs and technical services. But, most importantly, Windows Plus & Allied will provide […]

What is Condensation?

Condensation. The process by which a gas or vapor changes to a liquid. The American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition, 1993. You may recall this definition from chemistry class, but now that term takes on a whole new meaning for you in your home. At Windows Plus & Allied The Window Center, we get phone […]

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