Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe This Holiday Season

Holidays bring cheer and more people will be around your home. This is a wonderful time for everyone, including thieves, prowlers, trespassers and the like. We all get busier during this season and might not be as mindful of activity that surrounds the home and community. People tend to travel more frequently in the months of November and December and empty homes are the perfect camp for intruders. These sorts will bank on the fact that you might not notice an extra person or vehicle in your neighborhood as you might in the less busy times.  Be aware of your surroundings and your neighbors’ travels. Notice if mail is piling up or if newspapers are left alone at any home. If something stands apart, report it to the local police department. This all may seem logical, but in today’s hurried times, we get caught up in our own schedules and activities and might forget what goes on around us. When you decorate the outside of your home, notice if shrubberies are blocking the front of your house. An area hidden by bushes will breed the perfect hiding place for an intruder. Be sure that all windows and doors are locked at all times. You should check the locks periodically — sometimes, a window may not be locked properly and you will not know this until you check it out. Be sure to lock your vehicle doors as well — why make it easy on the criminal? Don’t be a victim due to an unsecured home or unlocked vehicle. Take precautions to ensure that you celebrate your Holidays peacefully. If you have questions on your home improvements, be sure to call on the experts at Windows Plus at 703-256-0600. Thank you to all of our customers — your referrals and repeat business are the backbone of our company.

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