Learning how to be defensive serves many purposes in life, and no place better than in your home. Burglars have many agendas, but they cannot play if they have no way. Statistically, people are careless with home defense. Price shopping may drive a homeowner to purchase flimsy, cheap hardware for windows and doors. Carelessness may breed poor habits, such as failing to lock windows and doors on leaving the home. But, in today’s uncertainty, none of us can afford to slack when it comes to personal security. No matter where you live, you are vulnerable. Predators roam and prowl the least suspecting places. But, a cautious individual may be spared pain and suffering from a burglary or worse, an attacker, by taking certain, consistent measures.

Do not leave your doors and windows unlocked. When you leave your home, whether for a minute or a day, be sure to lock all windows and doors. A burglar enters in a brief few seconds, so why make it easier for one to enter your home, invade your space and privacy, and above all, threaten your person and property? Don’t answer a doorbell or knock at your door without knowing who it is first. Do not let yourself be a target for a scam. Never let unknown people into your home. Whether you are in a small town where “there is no crime,” or in a populated city, these rules apply equally. Keep your valuables out of sight and be sure to have them written down with pictures and serial numbers in a safe for insurance and police purposes. Do not hide a house or car key outside of your home. Instead, find a trusting neighbor for these purposes. Do not leave a ladder or any other similar item in sight that a burglar could use to access the upper level of your house. The U.S. Department of Justice has indicated that as many as 30% of all homes will be invaded over the course of the next 20 years. Do not let yourself be a statistic. Be smart at all times and practice safety for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about how Windows Plus & Allied can help you safeguard your home, contact Reg or Tom at 703-256-0600.

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