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  • Kimberly Knight

Outside Looking In: Which door system best suits your home or building?

Your front door makes a great first impression, but other than its beauty, doors offer homeowners so much more. How do you decide which door system best suits your home or building? Let’s look at some options in the door market and line up their features.

Fiberglass doors are very popular in the residential market. Fiberglass offers beauty, energy efficiency, security, low maintenance, and great durability. Fiberglass doors come in a variety of wood grain textures-- cherry, fir, mahogany, and oak and in many stain and paint colors. Homeowners also get to select among vast choices in hardware, and in decorative and other glass options. Fiberglass doors do not shrink, warp, split, or crack. These doors have a long life and hold up equally in humid and in harsh climates. Fiberglass doors do not require much maintenance and can be cleaned with simple ingredients like mild soap and water. 

Overall, fiberglass doors are built solidly, offer great security, have longtime warranties, and last for many years. 

Steel doors are more commonly used in commercial settings, but some homeowners opt for steel doors for their homes. Steel doors are also available in several materials -- smooth and wood grain textures, stains, and paint finishes, plus many glass and hardware options. 

Steel doors require little maintenance generally, but they can rust and corrode over time. Steel doors are energy efficient, but less so than fiberglass ones.  However, a bonus is that homeowners can count on steel doors for excellent security—these doors are built tough and solidly and at the same time, offer significant curb appeal and value. Like fiberglass doors, steel doors have long-term warranties.

Homeowners have several options when considering a new entry door. When you’re ready to make this change, put your confusion aside and let Windows Plus help guide you in the right direction. 

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