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  • Kimberly Knight

Protect Your Property with these Safety Tips

  • Always lock all doors and windows – including the 2nd floor, even if you are just going out for a few minutes. Breaking and entering happens quickly.

  • Replace old windows with replacement windows that have passed ASTM* structural forced entry tests.

  • Install windows and doors with laminated glass for the highest level of protection. Tempered glass is for safety, but is not designed for security.

  • A chain lock lets you talk to someone outside your door without opening it all the way.

  • Make sure that your exterior doors are solid-core with bolts installed in a sturdy frame with long screws.

  • If you have the same key for all of your locks, re-key one door and use that key for contractors or visitors. 

  • Be careful to whom you give your alarm code and key. Change your code often.

  • Install a storm door to deter intruders.

  • A peephole allows you to see who is at your door without having to open it.

  • Use curtains, blinds or shades over windows or doors. Don’t give intruders an opportunity to watch you.

  • Keep expensive equipment and items away from your windows.

  • Keep all points of entry into your home well-lit. Consider installing motion-sensor lights on the rear and sides of your home and position them in out-of-reach places so that they cannot be easily accessed by a potential thief.

  • Use reflective numbers on your mailbox and the front of your home to make it easier for police to find your house in an emergency.

  • Never put your name on your mailbox.

  • Keep ladders out of sight. 

  • Trim shrubs and trees so that they do not provide hiding places for an intruder.

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