Here are signs it’s time to replace your windows

Cloudiness in the glass. There should be an airtight seal between the two panes of glass on all of your windows. When the seal fails, moisture will build up on the inside of the outside pane of glass because that has the coldest surface. Failed seals are a sure sign that it’s time to replace your windows.

Condensation. When warm moist air meets the cold surface of the window glass, condensation forms. When this occurs, it might be time to think about replacement windows. What will happen next is that frost will start to form on the glass and the issue then becomes a true problem.

Decayed frames and signs of wear. Are your windows outdated–peeling, fading or cracking?  These factors affect the aesthetics and value of your place. It may be time to consider replacing your windows. 

Energy loss. Drafty windows? If you feel cold air entering in the winter, hot and humid air lingering in the summer and your utility bills are increasing, these are signs it’s time to replace your windows.

Poor window operation. When the windows are hard to open and close, get stuck in the tracks, or slam shut, these are signs that it’s time to replace your windows. Repairs may delay replacements, but parts for older windows are not usually available in today’s market.

Something else to consider:

When replacing your windows, consider laminated glass. This is a glass option that offers security, lessens outside sounds and blocks 99% of the UV rays. This glass is significant in preventing the fading of furniture, draperies, carpets and other valuables. 

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One thought on “Here are signs it’s time to replace your windows

  1. Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining that cloudiness in the glass is a good sign that the seal has failed. My husband was telling me that he saw something like this happening in his office. I’ll be sure to look into getting it replaced soon.

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