Snow All Gone – Mold Is Here to Stay

So, the snow begins to melt and we think we are in the clear. But, what can lurk behind the end of a wet season? The unfortunate answer is MOLD. Mold can be devastating to you and to your home. It may not be evident right away, but molds exist in most places and can pose a number of issues, including health risks. At the very least, it’s nasty and annoying. Mold lives in moist areas and you can find it in many spots in your house: duct work, exhaust fans, basements and garages and in the ceilings and walls where water has leaked in from the rooftops. The mold you see is not the problem; it’s the mold you cannot see that will make your life miserable. If you learn that mold is present in your home, you will have to find the source and get rid of the water problem. One thing about mold for sure is that it will return if not addressed and resolved. For more information on how you can take proper precautions against mold, call Reg or Tom at 703-256-0600.

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