“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You”

So, you got your proposal from the contractor and are excited about your new windows and doors. You look it over, feel pretty good about it and start to dream about your “new look.” You recall hearing advice about getting more than one estimate for your windows and doors, unless, of course, you know your contractor, have that trust in the company and know what you are truly getting. So, you make an appointment with one more company; the contractor/salesperson or in the best of cases, the company owner, is working with you and you share the other proposal for comparison sakes. The person on the other side reviews the proposal and then asks you, “Out of curiosity, Ms. Jones, I was just wondering who is the manufacturer for these listed products so that I can provide you a true comparison?” “Well,” you think, “that’s right there on the proposal.” But, in fact, that is not the case. Information is MIA. What you might see are adapted names of a window or door that the contractor carries as part of a relationship with a particular manufacturer. There is nothing wrong with this, unless, of course, you have no idea who that manufacturer is and what you are really getting with these particular products. You may have been told that this contractor is the only one to carry “X Windows and Y Doors.” That is certainly true in the sense that the contractor and manufacturer have a deal for these exclusive styles by name. But, that does you no good when you are left with little-to-no information on the products. How would you make any comparison if you do not know what you are getting? And, just imagine down the road if you ever needed to know about the manufacturer for service purposes. You could be left high-and-dry. Long story short: KNOW your contractor – you will then know your manufacturer. Be sure to find out the specifics of the products you are getting ready to buy by asking the questions that will get you the answers. Don’t sell yourself short – you deserve to know the most you can about the investment you are getting ready to place in your home. For more answers always, contact Tom or Reg at Windows Plus – 703-956-6172. We have the answers to alleviate any hesitations you might have about improving your home. Like so many before you, you can Trust Us! Thank you for your business – you make the difference for us.

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