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  • Kimberly Knight

Everything you need to know about storm doors

Storm doors are installed in front of the main entry door, adding a layer of protection from the elements, increase security, improve ventilation, keep bugs out and allow more natural light.

Storm doors can come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, or wood.

West Windows offers a standard storm doors and QuietVue™ Storm Doors - but what's the difference and why should you consider the QuietVue™ Storm Door?

Standard storm doors have tempered glass, which offers decent coverage from the elements, but does not protect from the intense heat from the sun. The standard glass package with this storm door allows for the entry of significant ultra-violet radiation and that can lead to damages inside the home.

QuietVue™ Storm Doors have insulated glass that serves to reduce the build-up of heat—less heat enters the home, and doorknobs, floors, walls, carpets, and furnishings will stay cooler. With this door, there is less strain placed on the home’s cooling system.

In the winter, the inside glass stays warmer, which in turn, means less possibility of condensation. Since the home will be better insulated with the QuietVue™ door, homeowners can leave the front door open for light and still have the benefit of maintaining a warm and efficient home.

With QuietVue™ Storm Doors, homeowners have options with a variety of styles, colors, and hardware. To learn more about this insulating glass, check out, or give our office a call at 703-256-0600. 

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