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  • Kimberly Knight

ProVia: Cost vs. Value Report 2024

ProVia is a corporate sponsor of the Cost vs. Value study, ProVia believes that well-informed homeowners make better buying decisions.

Since 1987, Zonda Media has conducted research on the value of various home remodeling projects. The results are published in their annual Cost vs. Value Report, available at

  • The data collected from a survey of more than 6,000 realtors across the United States. Participants were asked what value various remodel projects would have on the typical homes sold in their market. This was then compared with Zonda's esimate of costs for each remodel.

  • The report includes popular upscale and midrange home improvement projects, and ranks them by cost, resale value, and cost recouped.

  • The 2024 numbers can be attributed to the unique market for existing homes in today's economy, combined with higher mortgage interest rates and homeowners retaining substantial equity.

Download the ProVia cost vs. value brochure to learn more about how to increase your home's resale value and boost curb appeal.

Windows Plus is a partner of ProVia.

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